Ethos and Values

Christ’s College is an organisation which make people feel good about themselves. This is evidenced by particularly high staff retention rates over many decades and the return of the vast majority of Year 11 students eligible for our sixth form provision.

Students are required to behave to a very high standard and, in reality, this is something with which parents provide tremendous support. As a result, bullying, aggression and disruption are rare as they are not tolerated and our students are amongst the most delightful young people you are ever likely to meet.

Visitors consistently comment on the friendly and happy atmosphere at the school. Prospective teachers often remark that they feel ‘at home’ within minutes of their arrival and are keen to secure a permanent post in the school. I have utilised these qualities to make some truly outstanding additions to our staffing for September 2014. These appointments will bolster our fantastic team of staff who are passionate about education, care about young people and believe in their futures.

As Headteacher my role has been to foster and mould this precious commodity and use it as the foundation for the academic success we will pursue relentlessly. The motto, since March 1906, when Christ’s College was a grammar school, is Usque Proficiens meaning “advance all the way”. In the early part of the 21st century, this 19th century motto encapsulates the mission of the modern Christ’s College. My staff and I will work relentlessly to ensure that the experience of our students is an exciting and rewarding one so that ultimately our pupils are able to pursue excellence in their chosen field.

Samson Olusanya