Cadet Unit

Cadets are an important part of the history of Christ’s College Finchley. Our present unit has been at CCF for over 100 years. Not only that, we are one of the only cadet units in the entire country to hold our own regimental colours, presented  in 1952.

In cadets, there is a set curriculum, just like in school. Cadets learn how to safely use various weapons including the L98A2 General Purpose Cadet Rifle and the Light Support Weapon (LSW) as well as history of the unit and army drill.

There is a wide range of qualifications and recognised courses available to cadets. Most notably, Map and Compass and First Aid. We go on camps most months where we put what we learn at school into action. However, alongside camps where we get muddy in the field, our cadets also fulfill ceremonial duties in public.

The special part of cadets however is that this curriculum is delivered to students who join by other cadets in the school, thereby developing key leadership and team qualities that universities and employers look for. This also means there is opportunity for promotion and there is a strict hierarchy.

Cadets is open to anyone at Christ’s College Finchley who is in Year 8 upward, so come along to the cadet hut (next to the year 10 playground) on a Friday evening 6pm – 8:30pm if you are interested.



Hello my name Sergeant Harvey and I am a cadet at Christ’s College Finchley combined cadet force, for which I have been for five years. I am now in year 11 and over these unforgettable five years at cadets I have been fortunate enough to have been able to experience lots of different activities, learn a whole range of skills, make lifelong friends and even go abroad. All this and it has still not interrupted my school career.

The cadet curriculum has taught me a whole range of skills that I can use not only at cadets but in day to day life. I started off learning drill and fieldcraft at first, how to look after myself and others in the field. As my cadets career progressed I started learning much more technical lessons, such as first aid, signals (using radios), map and compass and method of instruction. Therefore as I went on to these topics lessons became a lot harder, although this made everything more enjoyable and fulfilling 

Throughout the year we all go on camps together which are used for extra training days or time where we can put all the skills and knowledge into an exercise. Every year we go to a 7-10 day long camp at the end of the summer term called Annul Camp. This is where everything we have learnt throughout the year is consolidated. For few nights we go out on exercise and all our field craft skills are really put to the test, such as leadership and taking initiative – two key factors that cadets really installs in us.

Overall, cadets has given me a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere else. I recommend it for anyone that wants to be challenged and have bags of fun. 

Sgt Harvey