Extra-curricular Activities

At CCF, we firmly believe that education takes place beyond the classroom as well as inside it. For this reason, we have developed an exceptional array of extra-curricular opportunities and programmes all designed to prepare students for their futures and encourage their participation in as many learning experiences as possible.

Whilst good qualifications are obviously important the extra-curricular programme gives our students the opportunity to develop skills and qualities such as initiative, interpersonal skills and teamwork, all of which are very important life skills.

Every Wednesday afternoon we run an enrichment programme called MyZone where the students have the opportunity to experience a range of different activities that they would not be able to access through their usual lessons,  please see the link for a list of the activities the students can take part in.

The school competes is a number of sporting fixtures including Basketball, Football, Cricket and Rugby and you can see how successful we are by the full trophy cabinet we have in the School.

We run a homework club Monday to Thursday where students can come and get help from the Teaching Assistants or they can just sit and complete homework in a quiet environment. A number of subjects run study support lessons throughout the year and we have targeted intervention groups, including holiday sessions, to help students in the run up to their exams.

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