Robotics Club

Current news on CCF Robotics club:

This year (2015/16) the CCF Robotics club will be competing in what we hope and expect to be another successful run at the National RoboCup competition. Both Junior and Senior entries will be competing. If successful we will be heading to Leipzig, Germany for the World Championships of the RoboCup.

A select number of the CCF Robotics club members will also be travelling to Birmingham for the Big Bang UK Fair which will allow us to share and pick up new ideas which can be used as inspiration for future projects.

CCF Robotics club up until now:

CCF Robotics club started off in 2009 with one LEGO robot and 8 pupils.
Over the course of nearly 100 hours after school, this team of boys built and taught themselves how to programme a robot which they eventually took to the 2010 UK National Schools Championships.

2011 was a big year for Robotics in CCF
We expanded to 11 robots and it has now become part of the MyZone curriculum, thanks to which in the first year alone up to 100 pupils had a taste of building and programming robots!

In 2012 we sent two boys to Warwick boy’s school to compete in the UK finals. With 1st place in the secondary category and 2nd place overall, we qualified to represent the UK in the World Championships of Junior RoboCup held in Mexico City!

In 2013 we came 1st and 2nd in the Secondary Rescue A competition and represented the UK in the World Championships of Junior RoboCup 2013, which was being held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Our team finished in an amazing 6th place, making it the second highest ranked team in Europe and the highest ranked team in the world programming an NXT robot!

Qualifying for another successive year by winning our group in the national competition, the team placed 6th in the 2014 World Championships that were held in Brazil.

The team ventured to China for the 2015 World Championships in which we placed 1st in the ‘Super Team’ competition and 10th in the individual, Rescue Maze competition.

CCF Robotics club managed to overcome opposition in the National Robocup competition held at Princethorpe College on Saturday, placing first in all three categories they competed in.

In 2016, our newest additions to the club, from year 7, Paran, Barbod and Mani did fantastically well with only 5 months of experience, overcoming some very close competition from Prenton High School for Girls in the Search and Rescue discipline.

Christos and Amir Ali (Year 9) competed in the Search and Rescue scenario for the next age group up and were also victorious, gaining their place in the international competition in June.

Finally, one of our 6th formers, David Fry qualified with one of our ex-students by beating competition in the Maze run competition, making the school successful in all three disciplines that they competed in!

This means that three teams have qualified for the International Robocup in Leipzig, Germany, which will take place from 30th June – 4th July. Having placed 1st in the Super Team competition last year in China, CCF Robotics club is looking to continue their success in Germany.

Considering that we are competing with teams from private schools around the world, this is a fantastic achievement and one that we should and are all proud of.