Government and Politics is taught in Years 12 and 13 only. It is an established department with decades of success. Students succeed academically, go onto university and pursue employment in the broad political field. The subject is undertaken by 6th form students in both year groups at AS and at A2 level. The subject is taught in a lively and engaging manner in excellent facilities in the new 6th form block. With a Department Facebook page and twitter account technology is used to keep students informed and involved in the subjects they study.

The Department

The department is a single person department. The Head of Department is Mr Andrew Bratt who is also deputy Head of the 6th form and guides students through their university application to Russell group institutions. Andrew has taught at the school for over 25 years and is fully committed to the school’s success and progress.

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Aims and enrichment


The department wishes students to academically succeed and pushes them to aim high and produce excellent results but we want students to become active and responsible citizens as well.  Enjoyment of the subject is vital but so is a desire to understand politics, play a part in political debate and issues and want to be fully engaged in how decisions are made in the UK and beyond. Many students go on to study Politics and related subjects at university and make a career out of their passion for politics. Students return regularly to see and participate in lessons long after they have left. This is a department in which former students feel welcome to come back and visit their old school and meet the next generation of CCF political students.


CCF’s Politics department wants you to enjoy and get the most from your studies – going beyond the classroom is essential.  Studying US Politics ahs meant we have been to the US on a study tour in recent years. Local MPs and politicians come into school to debate and chat, political work experience can be planned too – we usually send a student every year to parliament for a weeks work. Visits to parliament, the supreme court and political conferences are also encouraged. If you are to get the most form your study you will need to get involved outside school. This is something we want all our students to do.

Key stage 5

Key stage 5

At AS level in Year 12 the department delivers the Edexcel syllabus. This involves a detailed look at the UK political system. Topics here include – parliament, the Prime Minister, Judges and Rights as well as pressure groups and the ideologies of the main political parties. Study in Y12 centres around the demands of the exam but debate and discussion are central. Lessons are varied and delivered in an interesting and entertaining way.

At A2 in Year 13 students study American Politics and have even been to the US to aid their study in recent years. The political system of the US is studied and this includes – The Presidency, the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court as well as the controversial issue of race in US Politics and a detailed examination of issues and parties in the US and what divides US society today.

Keeping up-to-date is vital and you must read extensively and become committed to your studies to do well. You will be given every opportunity to do so.