Special Educational Needs

Christ’s College Finchley operates an open enrolment policy.  The school has a lift which allows access to all floors of the building, but wheelchair and disabled access is limited due to the design of the building.

The Curriculum Support Department takes overall responsibility for pupils with any kind of disability or learning difficulty.  Individual pupils’ needs are assessed and provision is made to enable them to take a full and active part in the curriculum.  The school has close links with outside agencies, and parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s educational development.  Where appropriate students are supported by the Curriculum Support Department.

Special arrangements for SEN pupils are made during examinations, including extra time, use of a computer or reader and enlarged papers.


Admissions process for pupils with an Education Healthcare Plan

Christ’s College Finchley is an independent state academy.  We are part of the Barnet-wide agreement on Secondary Admissions.

Parents of pupils with an Education Healthcare Plan will be contacted separately by the LA and asked to express their preferences for schools.  The school identified by the parent considers the special educational needs of the pupils and if their needs can be effectively met by the school a place will be reserved at the preferred school and named on the child’s Education Healthcare Plan.  When making decisions the LA must ensure provision that is compatible with the efficient education of the other children with whom the students with special educational needs would be educated.  However, all reasonable steps that the school and the LA could take to prevent incompatibility will be considered before a decision is taken not to name a preferred school on an Educational Healthcare Plan.


The Curriculum Support Department:

Mark Hodges – SENCo

Neil Gough- Deputy SENCO- External Agencies and Pastoral Interventions

Jessie Anand- Deputy SENCO- Teaching and Learning Interventions/Support

Gaby Repetti – HLTA

Barbara Babanini – Teaching Assistant

Ulrike Dobrik – Teaching Assistant