Admission Arrangements 2018 Consultation

CCF Admissions Arrangements Sept 2018

Transfer at age 11

Christ’s College Finchley is an Independent State Academy.

The application process is administered by your home local authority, as part of the Pan London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. Applications should be made via the eAdmissions website


Where the school is over-subscribed, places will be allocated in the following order:

(i) Children applying who are in the care of a local authority or who were previously in care but who have since been adopted or made the subject of a residence or special guardianship order.

(ii)  Children who, at the time of admission, have a sibling living at the same address in Years 7-11 at the school (or who is in Years 12 or 13 if they previously attended in Years 7-11 for at least one year).  Siblings will include step siblings, foster siblings and adopted siblings.  It will not include other children living permanently at the same address.

(iii) Children who, at the time of admission, have a sibling as defined above living at the same address in Years 7-11 at our partner school Copthall School (or who is in Years 12 or 13 at Copthall School, if they previously attended Copthall School in Years 7-11 for at least one year.)

(iv)Children of members of staff at either Christ’s College Finchley or Copthall School,  provided they have been directly employed at the school/ for a minimum of two years or have been recruited to fill a post where there is a demonstrable skills shortage.  (The definition of a direct employee is an employee holding a contract of employment with the school.)

(v) Remaining places will be offered on a geographical basis (the basis of distance from the school) measuring shortest distance in a straight line from the front door of the child’s home to a point at the centre of the school main building using the Council’s geographical information system.

Where a child lives with parents with shared responsibility, (with each parent for part of a week), the child’s home address will be taken to be the address of the main parent/carer eligible to receive Child Benefit and/or Child Tax Credit.

Later or mid-year admissions

All later or mid-year admissions into Year 7 will be processed by the Local Authority where the school is situated.  Parents who live in the Borough of Barnet and wish to apply for places at Barnet schools should apply online at   Where parents live outside of the Barnet Local Authority they should contact their relevant Local Authority to obtain information about the application process.  Contact details of neighbouring local authorities can be found on London Borough of Barnet’s website.

For further information please call 020 8349 3581


CCF Governors Appeal Statement 2016