The importance of regular attendance

The Sixth form course you are enrolled on is vital for your future and full attendance is essential if you are to succeed.  Attendance at all lessons, registrations, tutorials and assemblies is compulsory. 95% attendance at school over a term or year is our minimum expectation.  If you fall below that, without there being a genuine health issue, parents will be contacted and your attendance will be carefully monitored; below 90% and entry for examinations may be refused.

Frequently asked questions regarding attendance

How are sixth formers registered?

All students are registered by computer at the start of every lesson.  Students must register in school at 8.40am every morning. It is the student’s responsibility as a member of the Sixth form to register their attendance. If you arrive late to school you must sign the Sixth form late register, in Mrs Petrides’s office.

Are Sixth formers allowed off-site during the day?

Yes – as long as you adhere to the off site code of conduct. Occasionally, a student may be refused permission to leave the site if their attendance or conduct gives concern.

What do I do if I am absent through illness?

A parent or you must phone the school on the first day of absence and give a reason.  The School office will send a note to your tutor.  On return you must bring a signed note to explain any absence from the school.  All absence notes must be shown to your subject teachers and your tutor It is your responsibility, and in your interest to do this so an unauthorised absence in not shown against you. The notes must be handed in to Mrs Petrides in her office.

What do I do if I need to take time off school?

Try to avoid this. You must arrange medical, dental appointments and driving lessons in the holiday time or during times when you have no taught lessons.  For emergency appointments, University Open Days and Interviews or major family events on a particular day you need to give at least 48 hours notice before the day in question. Usually the absence will be agreed in principle and you then need to ask parent(s) and all teachers whose lessons or tutorials are affected by the absence to sign the Request to be absent form.  It should be returned to Ms Barnett or Mrs Petrides so the absence can be authorised.

If your parents wish to request any longer leave of absence, a letter should be written at least a week in advance to Ms Barnett.

What do I do if I feel ill during the day?

Consult Mrs Neville in the Medical room if necessary.

If you feel unwell and want to go home you must ask permission of one of the following:

  • Ms Barnett
  • Mrs Petrides
  • Mrs Neville

If we are satisfied that you are unwell but able to travel home you will be given permission to leave.  If we feel you are too ill to travel we will refer you to the Medical room.  You must not absent yourself from any lesson without prior permission.

What do I do if I am late for a lesson?

If you arrive at a lesson after the teacher has registered the class or begun the lesson you may well be sent away to work quietly and asked to report back at the end of the lesson.  The issue will be reported to your tutor or Ms Barnett.