Applying to top universities from Christ’s College Finchley

The school has consistently been successful in sending students to the top universities in the UK. Every year an increasing number of our students gain entrance to the top 30 universities. As you may be aware competition for places at these institutions is more competitive than ever. The school has decided to meet this challenge by creating a group of students who plan from the beginning of Year 12 to aim to apply to such institutions.

When your son or daughter is in Year 12 they may be asked to join a group that will attempt to equip them with the means to gain entry to these highly competitive universities. Membership of the group will be decided early in Year 12 and your son and daughter will need to fulfil quite demanding criteria to join and then stay in the group. Demands and expectations on students who opt to join the group will be high.

Students who wish to apply to the most competitive institutions need a successful academic record, a full and varied personal statement and evidence of a passion for the subject they wish to study. This group within the school will endeavour to provide them with these attributes. Some or all of the activities and support below will be available to this group and members will be expected to complete and participate in most of them:

  • The group will meet every 2 weeks, they will get guided support from staff.
  • Their academic performance will be monitored by staff.
  • For those applying to Oxbridge special subject classes will be available.
  • For those wishing to do Medicine and Law access to special training and classes will be available.
  • Students will have the chance to be mentored by London School of Economics students.
  • The London School of Economics provides us with extensive online support for students applying to these universities.
  • Imperial, University College London and London School of Economics will invite students to lectures and talks every half term.
  • Specialised work experience will be available to some students.
  • Student shadowing at Cambridge university and elsewhere will be offered to this group.
  • Visits to Open days, university libraries and other facilities will give them a feel for some of the universities they may apply to.
  • Special guidance will be available when they write their personal; statement for University application.
  • They will be expected to acquire cultural capital by attending and visiting museums, art galleries, lectures, talks, the theatre and events across London.

Christ’s College Finchley offers your son and daughter the best preparation for their application to attend a top UK university. This group will equip them to hopefully succeed.



The school believes that a full Sixth Form experience involves activities beyond the subjects taught in the classroom. To prepare students for life outside school and for possible university education we now provide MyZone. MyZone takes place every Wednesday afternoon when there are no lessons timetabled for the 6th Form. During this time students will be able to choose from a list of enrichment activities. This is their chance to: develop a new interest or hobby, expand an activity they already enjoy, learn new and necessary skills, help others or enhance their own subject development.

Choices for this year’s 6th Form students have included:

  • Cooking on a budget (excellent preparation for those intending to become students!)
  • Motor mechanics (this year’s students are slowly dismantling a car engine!)
  • A Film Club (run with the help of the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley)
  • First Aid (the first level qualification in an important life skill)
  • Sailing (a small group will be learning to sail later in the year)
  • As well as Dance, Drama, a beginner’s guide to economics, debating, a fitness club as well as knitting and sewing.
  • We have been able to offer introductory courses in Spanish, Persian, Urdu, Italian & Mandarin.
  • Many students are taking the opportunity to give something back to the community and are volunteering in local Old People’s Homes and charities.

Being in Christ’s College Sixth Form is about more than the qualifications you can achieve. A successful student, a successful university applicant and a well prepared student for life beyond the school will gain more from MyZone than they perhaps realise. MyZone is a student’s chance to enjoy their time here, gain a newly discovered skill or interest and develop that all important university application.

As a Sixth Former students have the opportunity to play a major role in the extra-curricular life of the school.  Sixth Formers are able to serve as prefects performing a variety of duties; a charity campaign is organised each year; the major clubs, societies and sports teams are led by the Sixth Formers; there are wide opportunities in music and drama; there is a Sixth Form committee which represents the students and organises social events.


Mentoring programme

It is very well documented in research that the academic achievements of students are enhanced by a wide variety of activities outside the classroom.

Many students give their time to help mentor younger students who have difficulties with their reading or other areas of their work.  Some Sixth Formers run clubs, societies and sports teams for younger students.


Outside speakers programme

As part of the MyZone programme there is a rich and varied number of outside speakers who speak to both Year 12 and Year 13. A wide range of issues are covered ranging form Cancer awareness to current affairs.



All Sixth form students are actively encouraged to undertake some form of volunteering work during their time in the Sixth form.


Work experience

All Year 12 students are expected to complete a week’s working experience towards the end of Year 12. These placements are expected to be arranged by students, however the Sixth form team including our Careers advisor, Mr Bratt, are on hand to give advice and support.


CMI Business qualification

Students are completing a business qualification run by the school through the Chartered Management Institute, an adult course for aspiring business people.


European Work Experience

We are able to offer students the opportunity to carry out work experience in Brussels, Belgium; Herne, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France.  This programme is available to any student in Year 12.  It is not necessary to be taking a language as part of your studies to undertake this experience.