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Christ's College Finchley

A Level High Achievers

Neima is ecstatic to have achieved 3 As at A Level in maths, chemistry and biology. He has successfully secured a place at his first choice university, Sheffield to study medicine in September. Neima praises the tremendous support that he has received throughout his time at CCF Sixth Form and states that the teachers, environment and pastoral care has been fundamental in paving the way to his dream of attending medical school.

I am so pleased that I chose to stay at CCF after my GCSEs. The encouragement and inspiration I have received from all my teachers couldn’t have been matched elsewhere. The teachers here are not just exceptional; they are one of a kind.

Bryn is thrilled to discover that he has secured his first choice university, UCL, to study computer science. He attained incredible A Level results (A*A*AA) in maths, physics, further maths and computer science. Bryn wants to gain vast experience within his chosen industry with hopes to pursue a Masters after his undergraduate degree, aiming for a future in robotics.

“I am so pleased with my results today and cannot wait to start my course in September. I am grateful to all the teachers at CCF as they have helped me get to this stage so that I can go on to pursue my dream of going to university. Not only that, but the extra time they give you when you need it and the opportunities outside of the classroom is endless.”

Hassan is leaving CCF Sixth Form with an impressive 4 As at A Level in biology, maths, chemistry and Arabic. He looks forward to embarking on the next stage of his educational journey at Queen Mary’s University to study maths. Hassan has high aspirations for his future to one day become a Doctor or Professor of Mathematics. He feels that CCF has successfully prepared him not only for the next stage of his life at university but for his future too.

From your first day, teachers and staff at CCF get an understanding of who you are as an individual and this helps to shape your two years at sixth form which is personalised to you.

Riley achieved impressive A Level grades (ABB) in government and politics, history and music technology, and has secured a place at East Anglia University to study law which includes a year abroad in Europe. He is already looking forward to the future with a great sense of morale and ambition thanks to his experience at CCF.

CCF Sixth Form has given me so much support and has helped me to achieve higher grades than I was expecting. The teachers at CCF always go the extra mile to make sure that all students exceed their potential.

William is delighted to have achieved impressive results this year in chemistry, maths and biology (A*AB). He is looking forward to studying biotechnology at Nottingham University in September. After university William hopes to complete a Masters and PHD, with the desire to end up working in research within genetic engineering.  

 CCF Sixth Form instils a fantastic work ethic needed to get your desired grades. The extra opportunities and enrichment you receive is outstanding.

Katie has big aspirations to work in psychology in the future after successfully securing a place at Kings College London. She achieved incredible grades (A*A) and is looking forward to starting her clinical psychology degree in September. She praises the excellent teaching and continuous support in helping each student achieve their full potential.

 The standard of teaching is very high at CCF. I advise any student starting their A levels to put a plan into place at the start for revision so time is spent evenly across subjects.

Sial is delighted to have achieved incredible A Level results (D*AC) in business, sociology and politics and looks forward to beginning his management and marketing degree at Queen Mary’s University in September. One day he aspires to run his own company with a recognisable worldwide brand.

My advice to younger students would be to never underestimate yourself, with determination and the right support you can achieve anything. Regardless of your circumstances or starting point, your teachers will direct you along the right path and will always put your needs first – it is rare to find such incredible support!

Robert is celebrating amazing results with his biggest achievement being his sociology grade. He feels that CCF motivated him from the start of his sixth form journey and pushed him towards his goals. Robert has secured a place at the University College Football and Business to study football, business and broadcasting.

Listen to your teachers they genuinely want the best for you and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive cohort of peers to get me to where I am now.

Following success in this year’s A Levels, Ryo achieved fantastic grades (ACM) in maths, computer science and business. He will be attending the Tallinn University of Technology to study cyber security engineering with the aim to complete a Masters degree in the future.

The atmosphere is great here at CCF Sixth Form, there is a lot of support and a fantastic environment to study in.