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A Level Success Stories 2023


Mohamed is leaving CCF Sixth Form having achieved phenomenal results with 3 A*s and 1 A in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. He is looking forward to seeing what he can achieve next at the University of Warwick where he will be studying Maths; and aspires to one day work in Finance.




What makes CCF Sixth Form unique is the small class sizes and personalised approach. Every teacher and member of staff knows you and knows your goals and will do everything they can to help you achieve them.


Anam is celebrating outstanding grades, achieving A*A*A in Chemistry, Maths and Physics. He is delighted to be starting at Queen Mary University of London in September to read Computer Science. He compliments the school’s enrichment programme, stating that there are so many opportunities and experiences for students to participate in which really helps with university applications.



I cannot thank the teachers and staff at CCF enough, we were always their priority and they worked tirelessly to ensure we reached our full potential. The whole Sixth Form experience is even better than I expected - although it was hard work it was so worth it!

Daniel is excited to start his next chapter in September at King’s College London where he will be studying Dentistry. He achieved a fantastic set of grades including 3 As in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. His advice to younger students starting their A Levels is to work at a strong and consistent pace - this way it will not be a rush and panic towards the end.



Staff genuinely want you to succeed. I felt that they knew me and what I could achieve better than I knew myself. I am so grateful for their guidance and motivation which enabled me to make informed decisions, I wouldn’t have achieved these grades without their constant support!


Adam has secured an exceptional set of results including 1 A* and 3 As in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He leaves CCF Sixth Form to embark on his next adventure at Imperial College London to study Aeronautical Engineering. He advises younger students to always ask questions throughout their 2 years and also aspire to join the CCF Scholarship Programme - it is a fantastic opportunity to gain extra experiences and qualifications.


The support I have received and the experiences I have encountered since joining the school in Year 7 have been second to none. I am amazed with what I have achieved today and can’t wait to come back and share my experiences in the future.


Arsam has achieved an incredible set of results, securing him a place at King’s College London to study Biomedical Science. Having achieved 3 As in Chemistry, Maths and Biology, he talks proudly about CCF Sixth Form and how staff prioritise your mental wellbeing as well as your academic success which has been so important over the last two years.



It is a smaller Sixth Form and therefore you get a large amount of extra opportunities to complement your studies and ensure you not only achieve academically but you learn new skills. It really is a Sixth Form that feels like a family – staff and students!


Radmehr has scored a fantastic set of results with A*A*A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He is going on to study Biochemistry at the University of Warwick and hopes to one day go into the field of Research. Radmehr praised his teachers for their continuous encouragement and said that the support of his peers and all staff are what have helped him achieve his goals today.



“I have loved my Sixth Form experience and will be sad to leave such a wonderful community. It has been hard at times, but every student and staff member want you to do well”.


Ibrahim is celebrating his outstanding results: ABBB in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He is delighted to accept a place at King’s College London to study Medicine. This is a very special moment for Ibrahim as his sister is currently studying Medicine at university and his brother who arrived to collect his results with him has just graduated from Queen Mary University of London as a Junior Doctor!



CCF are excellent in opening up different pathways and options for you after Sixth Form. They guide you to take the right subjects and provide extra sessions and activities to support your journey.



Omar is delighted to have accepted a place at Imperial College London to study Physics after achieving exceptional results with A*A*AA in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths. He praises the school’s talented, passionate and supportive teachers.




Teachers emphasise the importance of understanding your subjects and knowledge as well as what you need to know for the exams. This makes the Sixth Form unique. They not only prepare you for university, or your next step, they ensure you have the skills you need to enter your next chapter successfully.


Mohamed has achieved an impressive set of results including AAB in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. He is excited to start at King’s College London in September to study Medicine. He describes the last 7 years at CCF as very successful and credits the excellent teachers of which he has had so many of across all his subjects!




I am incredibly proud to be part of such an ambitious and talented cohort of friends who are all moving onto great things and who have supported each other through the last two years. I am very thankful for the experience I have had here and am excited for what the future holds.



Ahmad is excited to return to CCF in September to work full time as our new IT Technician whilst he completes a gap year. He achieved a fantastic set of results including A*AB in Chemistry, Maths and Biology and looks forward to attending university in the future to study Computer Science.




The teachers are so supportive at this school; I can’t explain how much they want you to achieve and they will go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.




Kamil is delighted to be accepting a place at King’s College London to study Sports Science. He aspires to go into exercise physiology in the future and knows that King’s College London will help him to reach that goal. Kamil achieved a fantastic set of results with BBC in Maths, PE and Chemistry.




During my time at CCF, I was encouraged to get involved with extra-curricular activities to support my studies which I have really enjoyed. The guidance academically and personally is exceptional. I cannot recommend this Sixth Form enough


Salman achieved remarkable results with AAB in Chemistry, Maths and Biology. He is thrilled to be accepting a place at King’s College London to study Chemistry. Salman has been at CCF for 6 years and credits his teachers for always pushing him further than he thought he could go.

“My advice for younger students starting their A Levels is to not be put off by the amount of work. Be confident in yourself and do not underestimate your skills. It is a fantastic place to learn and achieve academically but also develop new skills ahead of university.”

Kamil is excited to be joining the University of Southampton in September to read Electronic Engineering. He achieved an incredible set of results; AAB in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Kamil has a passion for music and hopes to one day work in audio electronics after his degree.

The teachers at CCF care so much about each student and they also care about their subjects. They are passionate about what we are learning about which makes subjects interesting and engaging and much easier to revise! I am very grateful for all their support.


Mary secured three fantastic A Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology, achieving BCC grades. She is delighted to have accepted a place at Queen Mary University of London where she will be studying Maths from September. She credits her teachers specifically for the support surrounding UCAS and applications.

No issues or question is too big or small at CCF Sixth Form. The staff are there to help you whenever you need. It is such a challenging time and the school but the atmosphere and environment is a safe place to achieve.

Ravi achieved astounding results with 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He is delighted to have accepted a place at the University of Bristol to study Computer Science. His advice to younger students is to trust the process and make the most of every opportunity and experience on offer.

Teachers are so supportive and most of all they are respectful. They encourage and guide each student but you are trusted to make your own decisions and this ensured independence was learnt quickly and will be an important skill to bring with us to university!