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Admission Arrangements September 2019

Our admissions to the main school for 2019-20 are unchanged from last year.

The only variation is for Sixth Form Admissions where the changes are a result of national changes to the exams system with students now graded from 1-9.

Admission Arrangements 2019

Transfer at age 11

Christ’s College Finchley is an Independent State Academy.

The application process is administered by your home local authority, as part of the Pan London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme.

Applications should be made via the eAdmissions website 



Where the school is over-subscribed, places will be allocated in the following order:

(i) Children applying who are in the care of a local authority or who were previously in care but who have since been adopted or made the subject of a residence or special guardianship order.

(ii) Children who, at the time of admission, have a sibling living at the same address in Years 7-11 at the school (or who is in Years 12 or 13 if they previously attended in Years 7-11 for at least one year). Siblings will include step siblings, foster siblings and adopted siblings. It will not include other children living permanently at the same address.

(iii) (Children of members of staff at either Christ’s College Finchley provided they have been directly employed at the school for a minimum of one year or have been recruited to fill a post where there is a demonstrable skills shortage. (The definition of a direct employee is an employee holding a contract of employment with the school.)

(iv) Remaining places will be offered on a geographical basis (the basis of distance from the school) measuring the shortest distance in a straight line from the front door of the child’s home to a point at the centre of the school main building using the Council’s geographical information system (See notes below). Places will be offered to the child/ren living nearest the school.

(v) Where a child lives with parents with shared responsibility, (with each parent for part of a week), the child’s home address will be taken to be the address of the main parent/carer eligible to receive Child Benefit and/or Child Tax Credit.

Later or mid-year admissions

All later or mid-year admissions into Year 7 will be processed by the Local Authority where the school is situated.

Parents who live in the Borough of Barnet and wish to apply for places at Barnet schools should apply online at www.barnet.gov.uk/school-admissions. Where parents live outside of the Barnet Local Authority they should contact their relevant Local Authority to obtain information about the application process.  Contact details of neighbouring local authorities can be found on London Borough of Barnet’s website.

For further information please call 020 8349 3581


In year or immediate entry admission appeals

If you wish to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place at Christ's College Finchley you complete the Admission Appeal Form from the independent body which organises admissions appeals on behalf of  Christ's College Finchley (They will also provide comprehensive guidance notes). The Appeal form can be found here.

Completed appeal forms should be returned to:

EdAp, PO Box 367, Cuffley, Herts, EN6 4XZ

Appeals resulting from in year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged. All appeals are heard by an  admission appeal panel who are independent to Christs's College Finchley and the Local Authority. All panel members will be trained in accordance with the current Appeals Code as issued by the Secretary of State.

Admission appeals for September 2019 entry

Your local authority will tell you which school is offering a place for your child on National Offer Day, 1 March 2019.  

If you wish to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place at Christ's College Finchley, you must lodge your appeal by Friday 26 April 2019 in accordance with the timetable for 2019 admissions appeals below.

Appeals timetable for September 2019 entry

Appeals resulting from year of entry or transfer applications for admission in September 2019 will be heard according to the following timetable:

Offer Day Appeals to be lodged by Appeals to be heard by
1 March 2019 Friday 26 April 2019 Tuesday 2 July 2019 (40 School days)

 NB: Appeals will not start being heard until after the closing date has passed.

Appeals lodged after this date will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

Timetable for hearing

At least 10 clear school days in advance of the hearing Educationappeals Dotcom will send each appellant a letter of invitation, agenda and all associated paperwork
Where possible, 5 school working days After the meeting, decision letters will be sent to appellants within 5 school working days of the last hearing.

Governor's Appeal Statement