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Christ's College Finchley

Curriculum Principles

At Christ's College Finchley, our curriculum is designed and delivered using our seven key principles. They are as follows;


To develop depth and breadth of character, which will encourage resilience, reflection, optimism, self-control and generosity.  Within the curriculum, this is seen not only in the development of strong working relationship between staff and pupils, but also within the positive relationships encouraged in the classroom between pupil and pupil. Part of developing our own characteristics of generosity and self-control includes our provision for enhancing understanding of fundamental British values, including democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. This is woven not only into the teaching of the whole curriculum but also in our pastoral curriculum which includes tutor times, assemblies, trips, sports activities and every interaction between our staff and students.

Essential skills

All students will learn the basic literacy, numeracy and computing skills necessary to be able to survive and prosper in their lives at and after school. It is vital that they all understand the relevance of these skills not just in terms of obtaining success in ‘door opening’ external examinations but also in enabling them to be fully participative citizens who are able to stay safe, healthy and be happy in an increasingly complex work. We aim to provide a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy and to equip all students with programming skills.

Academic excellence

We are determined that every student be able to excel in at least one of their curriculum pursuits. Whilst we want every student to pursue excellence in every discipline we are aware that many employment opportunities will seek specialist knowledge and skills in particular areas and we have to enhance the employability of our students in order to facilitate their development in to successful citizens. The sense of pride and confidence that results from achieving excellence is important in shaping a robust and resilient person. Thus our curriculum facilitates the attainment of high standards in relation to the age, ability and needs of our pupils. We take pride in our individualised approach which allows every pupil to thrive and make progress. The most able are encouraged to broaden their learning while those who need additional support have it built into their programme, rather than as an ‘add-on’. Christ’ College Finchley provides a broad curriculum experience which allows pupils the opportunity to have progressively more challenging linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, aesthetic, creative, physical, human and social educational experiences.

Social Responsibility 

To develop a sense of social responsibility and to be mindful of our role in our community towards each other, our role in society at large and in the global environment, which will encourage consideration, mindfulness and respect.  This is central to the conduct of our teaching and learning and is the guiding principle behind the PSHE programme, cross curricular events, trips and Field Day programme. Opportunities to develop social responsibility are built into the school week through tutor time, house meetings and through the organisation of the different teaching groups.


To develop independence, taking responsibility for our own growth and development which will enable us to show initiative, take ownership and feel satisfaction in what is achieved.  Within the curriculum, independence is encouraged not only through lesson activities and the demands of prep but also through marking and feedback, as pupils are given the opportunity to reflect with pride on their successes and to take responsibility for their own progress.

A love of learning

Whilst it is vital that we develop a strong work ethic in our students and a capacity to persevere through tough challenges we want them to be excited by the joy of learning inside and outside of the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to explore links between their classwork and the wider world through a wide variety of trips, visits and cross curricular events. Our curriculum aims to be distinct and innovative and offers robotics, Mandarin and programming at all key stages.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

We recognise that in order to function effectively in our society, young people need to be equipped with the ability to communicate with and relate to other people. As a result these skills will be developed throughout our curriculum and at all stages. We are also aware that we need to allow our students to be able to compete effectively in a global job market they will need to be able to communicate well.