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Christ's College Finchley

Pupil Leadership

Due to the disruption caused from the Coronavirus pandemic, prefects for the year 2020/2021 have not been chosen.

Year 11 Student Prefects- 2019/2020

Congratulations to our new Year 11 prefects who have been selected following a lengthy interview process. The prefects are given the opportunity to hold a
position of responsibility, enabling them to develop leadership and managerial
skills and to contribute to the development of their school community.

The prefects will attend regular meetings with their Learning Manager and Deputy Headteacher, and are easily identifiable by the maroon blazers they wear.

Our congratulations to the following 11 boys on achieving this prestigious role.

Paran Halai, Rayyan Kamran, Caspar Asaam, Engjell Krasniqi, Zeyne Conté, Arian Ghaedi, Mukundu Krishnian, Nicholas Haque, William Hook, Atta Hamem, Danial Gondal

Mr A Ali (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Y Bastan-Sarabi (Y11 Learning Manager)


Sixth Form Student Prefects- 2018/2019 calendar year

Every member of the Sixth Form at CCF is given the opportunity to hold a
position of responsibility, enabling them to develop leadership and managerial
skills and to contribute to the development of their school community.

Following an extensive interview process, the Sixth Form prefect team and Head
students have been selected from our current Year 12 students. Congratulations to:

Head Boy: Junaid Khan
Head Girl: Jochebed Boateng

Senior Prefects:

Ali Gondal (Volunteering), Luke Palin (Academic Mentoring), Anne Da Gama (Events)
and Sharay Henriques (Pastoral Mentoring).


Nikita Popatia, Zara Peart, Tala Shahidiany, Natalie Sillers, Samandre Gbajumo,
Richon Blake, Kai-Hung Yuan, George Najsarek, Admir Haxhia and Kevin Hall.

The Head Boy and Girl will be responsible for representing the student voice and liaising with Senior Leaders to implement changes where possible. The prefects will be arranged into small teams and each team will work with the Sixth Form and lower school on one of the following areas: Volunteering, Mentoring, Events, Charity and Sports.

We spoke to our newly appointed Head Boy and Girl about their role, school and
future ambitions.

Junaid, Head Boy
“I applied to for the Head Boy position
because I believed it would be the
perfect opportunity help improve the
school community. I also wanted to give
something back to the school after the
help they’ve given me in the time I’ve been here.

My role involves managing the Sixth Form
prefect team and meeting with Senior
Leaders to discuss anything we feel needs
changing to help make the school an even
better place to be for the students. I also
have the privilege to manage sport within
the Sixth Form and lower school.

CCF is a school of strong history, tradition
and achievement with a positive
community atmosphere. The highlight of
my time at CCF, so far, has to be when I
received my results on GCSE results day.
I love that I did myself and my teachers
proud. I’m striving to help improve the school and be a part of the successful journey that CCF is on. In the future, I aspire to study English Literature at Cambridge University.”

Jochebed, Head Girl
“I wanted to become Head Girl because I
am truly passionate about Christ’s College
Finchley and because I want to have a
positive, lasting impact on the students
here. My role involves integrating the Sixth Form with the lower school and ensuring that students’ voices are heard so that they can have an impact on, and enjoy their school experience.

I am proud to be at CCF Sixth Form. CCF is
an ambitious school with high standards
and high expectations of their students,
ensuring we all achieve our full potential. I
have enjoyed meeting new people; not just in the Sixth Form but in the lower school as well. I love being able to mentor and support the younger students.
I am looking forward to making more
memories at CCF Sixth Form; and to making positive enhancements to the school. I have many future ambitions: I want to get a university degree in English Literature, become an educational psychologist and be a public speaker in secondary schools.”