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GCSE Success stories 2023

Behind every set of GCSE results there is a personal story of hard work, commitment and perseverance. Here are some of this year's success stories:

Vinny, Former Moss Hall Primary School pupil

One of CCF’s highest achievers, Vinny secured a truly outstanding set of results including x9 9 grades and an 8 in English Literature and Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Spanish, PE and Computing. Whilst he is still ascertaining what future career path he may take, he is confident he can achieve anything he sets his mind to, as a result of the self-belief instilled by his teachers.

The support system in place and standard of teaching at CCF is exceptional; our teachers are dedicated to working with us to make sure we achieve our very best, by constantly pushing us to do better, teaching us how to manage our time and work under pressure. What really sets our teachers apart is their passion – they all love the subjects that they teach and are experts in their field, making every lesson engaging and interesting.


High achiever, Negin received an incredible set of results including 9999888777 in English Language, Maths, History, ICT, Biology, Chemistry, Religion and Philosophy, English Literature, Physics and French. With offers from multiple colleges, Negin has a decision to make, but is resolute in her decision to study A Level Maths, History, Art and Biology.

I am so pleased with my results today and cannot wait to start my A Levels in September. I am so grateful for the teachers here at CCF; their personalised approach helps to create a sense of community and enabled us to build strong relationships. The advice I would give to younger pupils would be to set high expectations for yourself as the support offered from teachers is fantastic, and they will work with you to achieve your goals.

Zarah, Former Brooklands Junior School pupil

Fast on track to achieve her ambition of reading Astrophysics at university, Zarah has truly excelled in her GCSE results, boasting an impressive portfolio of 9999988877 in English Literature, Maths, Biology, Science, History, English Language, Mandarin, Design Technology, Physics and Computer Science. Member of the CCF Law Club, Zarah credits her teachers for inspiring and encouraging her to achieve her goals.

I am delighted with my results because I can now continue my path to becoming an astrophysicist. I didn’t even know this was an option until CCF opened my eyes to the different opportunities available. One of the main reasons I love this school is that the teachers genuinely listen to what pupils have to say and care about you reaching your goals. They go above and beyond to ensure you get to where you want to be.

Isobella, Former Holy Trinity Primary School pupil

Isobella attained an impressive set of results in her GCSEs, celebrating 9999998887 in English Literature and Language, Art, Biology, History, Physics, Music, Maths, Chemistry and French. Isobella attributes her success to goal-oriented thinking and the encouragement of her teachers, in addition to the wealth of experiences and opportunities through CCF’s career and enrichment programmes.

CCF provides an incredibly supportive environment which focuses not only on our academic credentials but also developing us personally too. There are plenty of opportunities and resources to access and so many impressive connections which offer exposure and insights. These have opened doors, allowing me to grow and open my eyes to the endless opportunities available. I am so proud of what I have achieved today.

Dhara, Former Tudor Primary School pupil

In September, Dhara will embark on her next chapter at CCF Sixth Form where she will study Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Economics, following the achievement of 9998888887 in her GCSE results.

Upon receiving her results, she commented:


CCF truly is a unique school. Incredible teachers, opportunities you can’t miss out on, an open and supportive community – it is unlike anywhere else. My teachers pushed me to my limits, challenging me to try harder and nurturing me when I needed additional support. They helped me to identify my strengths and set targets, teaching me that I am only ever in competition with myself. I can’t wait to repeat my success at Sixth Form and then return here as part of their alumni to inspire others.

Peter, Former St Mary’s Church of England Primary School pupil

Peter is thrilled with his results of 9888777655 and is looking forward to studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics when he returns to CCF Sixth Form in September.

Peter stated:


CCF gives you the tools and confidence to think for yourself, but at the same time provide you with opportunities so that you can learn from people with experience. I would advise all students to take advantage of the incredible opportunities on offer – especially the additional support provided by teachers outside of classroom hours. The school gives you a platform to shape your life by helping you to find out the person you want to be and what it is you’re passionate about.


With ambitions of becoming a Research Scientist following success at university, William is celebrating achieving 9888888776 in Physics, History, Computing, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English Literature, English Language, Spanish and Food Technology. William plans to study the Sciences and Maths at CCF Sixth Form and credits his teachers for their unrelenting support and guidance.

My advice to students undertaking their GCSEs – stay on top of your work, practice exam papers and talk to your teachers. They will always offer support and guidance and do their very best to help you figure out what pathway you want to take and how you can achieve it. They take the time to get to know you as an individual and to personalise your learning so that it best suits you - they truly care about us. CCF has gone way above my expectations for what I thought secondary school could be, and I leave feeling confident in my achievements and proud to have done my best!


Congratulations are in order to Max who achieved an impressive portfolio of results including 877776665 in History, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English Language, Science, Geography, Psychology, Food Technology and English Literature. CCF has helped him to achieve his desired grades and he now plans on studying the sciences at university following Sixth Form.

I am so grateful to my teachers for their relentless support in helping me to identify and achieve my goals. CCF are dedicated to preparing us for university and beyond through the development of life skills, academic skills, equipping us with knowledge and providing exciting experiences to help us develop as leaders.

Nazanin, Former Queenswell Primary School pupil

Nazanin is excited to be continuing her educational journey at the CCF Sixth Form after achieving 8888777766 in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language and Literature, Psychology, Geography and Spanish. In September, Nazanin will study Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and plans to attend university in 2025.

Teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal by identifying the skills and grades needed through personalised careers support and providing you with the knowledge and experiences both in and out of the classroom to achieve it. Sign me up for Sixth Form!

Riona, Dollis Junior School

Riona is thrilled to have secured a Grade 9 in English Literature, five Grade 8s in English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, PE, three Grade 7s in Geography, Biology and Geography and a Grade 6 in French. She looks forward to studying at CCF Sixth Form for her A Levels, before progressing on to university in 2025 to study Law or Psychology.

I would recommend CCF because the standard of education and care is outstanding. Teachers are always striving to provide us with interventions and booster lessons whether it be after school, in lunch or during the half term breaks – they truly go above and beyond and have empowered us all with the confidence to follow our dreams.

Daniel, Former St Michaels CofE Primary School pupil

Daniel wants to go on to study Maths at an Oxbridge or Russell Group university after receiving exceptional GCSE results: 99995555576 in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Biology, Mandarin, History, French, English Literature, Computing and English Language. We look forward to welcoming him back in September to study Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry and Physics at CCF Sixth Form.

I would strongly recommend the school as it is a close-knit family environment. The strong support network of staff and extra support sessions have been invaluable.

Deborah, Former Holy Trinity Primary School pupil

Deborah was overjoyed to learn she has achieved an incredible set of results including 9988887766 in Religion and Philosophy, Maths, English Language and Literature, Physics, Chemistry, French, Biology and Geography. She credits the school and her teachers who have continuously supported her throughout her time at the school and helped her to achieve beyond her targets through additional revision sessions and materials, alongside future planning and careers support.  

The greatest asset to me at CCF was the teachers. They helped me to establish my strengths and weaknesses, teaching me where I needed to improve and which skills I could capitalise on to secure the very best results. I am so happy with what I achieved, and I can’t wait to progress on to CCF Sixth Form before studying Computer Science at university.