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Christ's College Finchley

A Level Success Stories 2021

Our superb and ambitious Head Boy Marko is delighted to have achieved 2 A*s and 1 A in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He will begin his next chapter at Loughborough University in September to study Automotive Engineering. Marko is excited to embark on a lifelong adventure to create a new source of fuel in the future! His advice to younger students is to set realistic targets for your subjects and spend time building lasting bonds and friendships with your peers as you will rely on them for support along the way. Marko praised the incredible teachers from the moment he started at CCF and stated that they not only help you to secure the grades you need they also guide you to develop the skills that you’ll need to get into your chosen field or career pathway.

My journey at CCF has given me some of my greatest memories and I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. This is because of the teachers and the learning culture CCF have created and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Younes achieved three ‘ology’ A Levels with two As in Psychology and Sociology and a B in Biology. Younes also achieved a B in the Extended Project Qualification with an essay on ‘How human nature affects marine ecosystems’. He will now go on and study Marine Biology at either Newcastle or Exeter. His ambition comes from a fascination with nature and a love of methodology and history, and Younes wants to pursue a unique career as a Marine Archaeologist. 

Wow - I am ecstatic! The staff at CCF go above and beyond and have supported me in every single way – more than I could have ever asked for. Nothing phases these remarkable teachers – they made us all believe that everything is possible.

Kian secured an incredible 3 As at A Level in Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics as well as a further A in Maths an impressive year early. Kian is excited to be joining UCL in September to study Physics. He can’t wait to begin the next stage at UCL and has big dreams of becoming an Astronaut in the future.  

CCF is the best journey I could of ever imagined. Not only have I met friends for life but I have managed to achieve my dream of attending a top university to study the field that I am most passionate about. The teachers at CCF are beyond outstanding, they care about each student’s wellbeing and success and do everything in their power to help you to get to where you want to be.

Erfan attained a total of three As in his A Levels in Physics, Maths and Further Maths; achieving the A in Maths a whole year earlier, in Year 12. Erfan will be studying Maths at UCL and in terms of a career path he said that it will probably be one that doesn’t even exist yet.

The teachers at CCF have been inspirational within the most supportive of environments - I couldn’t have asked for any more guidance and advice. His advice to younger students is aim for the highest and go for what you want and not what others tell you.

Mohammed secured three A Levels: an A in Maths and two Bs in Physics and Further Maths. Mohammed will be studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester and his lifelong dream is to work in aerospace and improving aeronautics. One of Mohammed’s greatest achievements at CCF was gaining a place on the prestigious King’s College K+ programme in Year 12 that helped support his university application and provided the skills needed to reach his full potential as an undergraduate student.

I can’t thank the teachers and staff at CCF enough, we were always their priority and they worked tirelessly, especially during the pandemic, and I will be forever grateful. I’m aiming high now and my ambition is to one day work for NASA!