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Christ's College Finchley

Modern Languages


We offer three main languages: French, Spanish and Mandarin.

We were awarded the prestigious Confucius Classroom status in March 2016 and joined the Mandarin Excellence Programme in September 2017, which enable us to be a lead school in the learning and teaching of Mandarin in the local community.

Contact details

Please contact Mr A Aliaj for more information. A full teaching staff list can be found under 'About Us' 'Staff and Governance'.

Email: avni.aliaj@ccfplus.com

What your child will be learning (curriculum mapping)

To view the modules studied in Mandarin each term, please click here.

To view the modules studied in French each term, please click here.

To view the modules studied  in Spanish each term, please click here.

Aims and enrichment


We believe that all students should learn a foreign language to gain a greater appreciation of their own.

Our specialist teachers use authentic resources such as literature, music and film to bring the language to life. Students express themselves in the target language on a range of topics, such as family, school, and lifestyle. Students learn about the interrelationship between sound and spelling and apply their knowledge to decode challenging language. Grammar is taught alongside vocabulary to give students the tools to write and speak creatively. Students are encouraged to compare their own language and culture with those of communities from the Francophone, Hispanic and Chinese-speaking worlds.

Career paths include teaching, translating and interpreting as well as international banking, business and international development. Students develop many transferable skills, such as excellent communication skills and the ability to interact respectfully with people from other languages and cultures, which would be an asset in any chosen career path.


Annual language trips abroad offer students the chance to experience the language and culture first hand.

Past trips include Paris, Disneyland and Burgundy. We run regular whole-school language events, such as Languages Week, Chinese New Year celebrations, dragon dance workshops, bilingual theatre productions and cultural assemblies.

Key stage 3

In Year 7, students have a taster course in French, Spanish and Mandarin before choosing one language to continue to GCSE.

We follow the schemes of work from Mira for Spanish, Studio for French and Jin Bu for Mandarin.

Key stage 4

Exam Board: AQA

Students study Mandarin, French or Spanish at GCSE.

We follow the schemes of work from Studio for French and Viva for Spanish. The exam is 100% final exam – 25% Listening, 25% Reading, 25% Speaking, 25% Writing. Students develop a range of skills including reading literary texts and other authentic resources, speaking spontaneously, listening for gist and details, writing in informal and formal register and translation into English and the foreign language.