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Christ's College Finchley

Y7 and 8 CAT tests

Dear Parents of Y7 and 8 Students,

We are running CAT's test for all Y7 and 8 students starting on the week of Monday 18th October.

The schedule is attached to this week’s ITL.

Thank you for sending your child into school a little earlier next week. On the day of the test, arrival time is 8:30am (test starts at 8:50am).

Students will need to go to rooms 445 and 447 instead of their normal form room at 8:30am.

These tests (Cognitive Ability Tests) are not exams and no preparation is needed for the test.


We are running these tests in the absence of Key Stage 2 data being available. These will form the baseline data to allow us to monitor your child's progress throughout his/her time at Christ's College Finchley.  


With kind regards, 

Mr J Willows

Examinations Officer