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Pupil Premium

All schools receive additional funding from the government to support students who come in the categories which are, statistically, less likely to be successful at school.

Pupil Premium funding has been allocated to schools in order to fund strategies to bridge the gap between disadvantaged pupils compared to their peers as nationally, it has been proved, that they underachieve.  This funding allows us to support these students in such matters, alongside ensuring these students have access to food, whilst in school, on a daily basis, have access to support emotionally and mentally if barriers are in their way, as well as aim to bridge the gap between them and their peers in the education). We also purchase materials for our PP students, such as textbooks and financial help towards equipment, uniform, printing credits. 

The information below is referring to the cohort attending in June 2019.

Number of pupils on roll - 754

Number of Pupil Premium pupils - 230.5

Funding per Pupil Premium pupil - £935

Total funding provided for Pupil Premium - £209,742

Current attainment and Progress for 2018-2019

Attainment 8 is calculated from a sum of 4 elements for each individual:

  • English (best of English Language or Literature) - double weighted
  • Maths - double weights
  • EBacc3 - highest three results from any EBacc qualification (Science, Computer Science, History, Geography and languages)
  • Open3 - highest three results from any three other subjects

Progress 8 captures the progress from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school across 8 qualifications. The Progress 8 score is the difference between a pupils Attainment 8 score and the national average. 

  Pupil Premium Pupils Non-Pupil Premium Whole Cohort National
Attainment 8 5.0 5.2 5.1 4.8
Attainment 8 English 5.6 5.3 5 5.1
Attainment 8 Maths 5.4 5.6 5.5 4.7
Progress 8 (P8) +0.38 +0.55 +0.68 0
P8 English +0.78 +0.48 +0.56 0
P8 Maths +0.99 +1.15 +1.01 0

Current Performance Indicators

In 2018 45.7% of pupils eligible for pupil premium gained a grade 5 or above in English or Maths.

This is a wonderful achievement when compared to non-pupil premium students who matched this achievement at 54.3% (40% nationally).

Progress and attainment of pupil premium students at Christ’s College Finchley remains significantly higher than for those nationally. Pupil premium students are making good progress in English and Maths, along with other subjects. This is largely a result of the high level of teaching provided for these students in and outside of normal school lessons.

 How does Christ’s College Finchley use this funding?

Below we identify how we allocated Pupil Premium funding (in 2018-2019) to secure this strong progress for these students in particular.

  • We continue to employ three Learning Mentors to support students who may struggle to come to terms with significant challenges which arise during their education.
  • We have employed additional staffing in Maths and English to provide additional in-class support and smaller class sizes to enable higher quality written and oral feedback.
  • We run a Breakfast Club to support students and working parents. Pupil premium students are given subsidised meals. Parents may request a free breakfast for these students.
  • We have employed a school counsellor for 4 days a week providing emotional support and well being for pupils.
  • We have employed an Independent Advice & Guidance Counsellor. He supports the careers and guidance curriculum for all students and has a specific focus is on students at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). NEET figures remain below national average for Christ’s College Finchley.
  • We have bought ‘Accelerated Reader’  to support literacy within the school.
  • Financial support is to be made available to students from families whose circumstances are particularly challenging, so they can participate fully in the range of school activities and trips.
  • We will pay for musical instrument lessons for a number of students.
  • We have purchased Show My Homework aiding the completion of homework and increasing communication of homework with guardians.
  • We provide one to one tuition to students requiring extra help to fully access school’s literacy and numeracy strategies.
  • We have increased the teaching time in English and Maths for students struggling to develop key skills so that they have better access to the entire curriculum.
  • We will continue to pay for items of equipment and clothing for some students.
  • We held nurture groups for students who were targeted to work in smaller groups to enhance their skills and confidence and facilitate their transition to secondary school.
  • We are running a number of holiday school lessons in Maths, English and Science. In all cases where a small fee is charged to students they are offered free of charge to all pupil premium students.
  • We provide an alternative curriculum, using partner institutions, for students who are not suited to the school’s key stage 4 curriculum.
  • We train staff in strategies designed to ‘close the gap’.

How will we measure the impact?

The impact is measured in a variety of ways for the individual strategy. A large proportion of the support offered is of qualitative data whereby results are measured through discussions with pupils. Additionally, pupils at Christ's College Finchley are annually asked to complete a questionnaire which allows for their opinion to be expressed. The quantitative data, such as results and funding on resources, is a measurable figure.

What impact has this Pupil Premium funding had?

Support has been provided to FSM/PP students in order for them to achieve their potential.

This occurs as they enter the school through a structured and focused transition from year 6 into year 7 all the way through until their examinations in year 11.

The impact of this is that:

  • Students feel supported when transitioning from year 6 into year 7.
  • Students are offered advice and support via our careers advisor during times of decisions, such as year 9 GCSE option choices, A-level option chooses and further education decisions.
  • Students receive emotional support when they need it. The school counsellor works closely with the schools Child Protection Team to ensure students are receiving the emotional and moral support tailored to their individual needs.
  • Students are highly supported in preparation for their examinations through revision sessions, revision support, quiet areas to study and revision materials purchased. The impact of this has led to several successful years of results for FSM/PP students.
  • Attendance is closely monitored and acted upon.
  • Students feel included within the school community when uniform and equipment is purchased for them to use.
  • Students are able to receive a nutritious hot meal every day, increasing student focus within the classroom and providing them with essentials for healthy growth.


Attendance is recognised as a key performance indicator affecting academic performance.

Missing school, research suggests, has a serious impact upon a child’s long term academic success, opportunities and ability to interact socially.

Attendance is monitored on a daily basis by our associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs Bora.

Attendance figures for 2018-19

Christ's College Finchley National
All pupils 95.7% 94.8%
Disadvantaged pupils 95.2% 92.2%

 The attendance of our pupil body is above national average but we utilise Pupil Premium income to see that the attendance of disadvantaged pupils is carefully monitored and the necessary interventions are taken. As a result the number of days lost for this group at our school is about half of the national average.


If you believe you may be eligible for Pupil Premium funding, please complete the following attachment (Pupil premium letter to parents) and hand it into reception at Christ’s College Finchley. We will then share your completed form with our local authority who will run the necessary checks to confirm if you are eligible.