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What our pupils say

Alexandra, Year 8, Former Garden Suburb Junior School pupil

CCF really helped me when I was settling in. Everyone was welcoming and understanding, and teachers encouraged me to try my absolute best. The transition programme was an amazing experience. I met wonderful people, who would later become some of my closest friends, and experienced lessons that I would come to love and appreciate.

The teachers here surpass anyone I had known previously. Everything they do, they do for the pupils and without them, I believe that this school would not be the same. During my time here, I have learnt so much and gained so much more. I have partaken in several extracurricular activities, including Choir, Writing Club, Art Club, Dance and the Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP). These are great because you get to meet new people with similar interests to you. The MEP has been the highlight for me; and I am so glad I came to CCF as it is only available to a few schools. I never thought I would learn Mandarin and I have enjoyed making so much progress in the MFL department.

This year, I am looking forward to learning new and harder content in lessons because challenging myself is incredibly important to me, it means that I have improved.

Catrin, Year 8, Former Martin Primary School pupil

Whilst I didn’t have many of my friends join the same school as me, CCF ensured I settled in by holding events such as the Friendship Afternoon and Team Building Day. It meant I got to know my teachers and peers before I started in September. Once here, the teachers and older pupils were incredibly supportive and welcoming.

I enjoy the range of subjects at CCF the most. My favourite has to be Religion and Philosophy because you can be self-expressive; Mandarin because of you can learn about different cultures; Drama because you can explore different characters; and DT because there is so much variety from graphics to food technology. There is also so much to do outside of your lessons! Every Wednesday, we have MyZone which gives you the opportunity to participate in activities you wouldn’t normally do; from KaraFun to heathy eating.

This year, I am looking forward to meeting the new Year 7 pupils, enriching my passion for learning and challenging myself and growing as a person. I also can’t wait for the new trips and opportunities to come, such as visiting China as part of the MEP.

John, Year 8, Former Holy Trinity CE Primary School pupil

The transition events such as the Friendship Afternoon allowed me to experience life at CCF, get to know other pupils and meet my new teachers before joining in September. It certainly helped reduce the worries I had about starting secondary school.

CCF is so different to primary school, but for the better! I love the space, having different teachers for each subject and the variety of extracurricular activities on offer after school and during MyZone. So far, I have I participated in the Chess, Sign Language, Design Technology and Science clubs. I am looking forward to what Year 8 has in store for me!

Caspar, Year 12, Former Goldbeaters Primary School pupil

My highlight at CCF has been the ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling’ Programme which provides a variety of unique opportunities, enriching pupils who do well academically. On the programme, I was proud to represent CCF and the UK when participating in an international summit in Florida. This week-long trip taught me communication skills with people from a myriad of countries. I had also never been anywhere outside of Europe! A once in a lifetime trip!

I have grown academically at CCF thanks to the support every pupil receives to excel and achieve their best. Moreover, my social skills have improved significantly due to the diversity of pupils here. The school has also helped to prepare for my future by widening my horizons to the range of career paths and university degrees available.

After achieving 9999999988 in my GCSEs, I am pleased to be staying on at CCF Sixth Form to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Computer Science. I hope to read Engineering at university such as Imperial College London after my A Levels.

Atta, Year 12, Former Barnfield Primary School pupil

When I first joined CCF in Year 7, I was a shy individual but now I can say I am a confident, able young adult. CCF has taught me to fight for any opportunity that comes my way, no matter how unprepared or scared I may be. In the real world, things may not always be in your favour or even go to plan, but I am eternal grateful that CCF has prepared me for this.

During my time at CCF, I have enjoyed the numerous events we have hosted; from sports week to charity events. It is amazing to see the school come together to have fun and achieve something spectacular. A highlight would be the rewards trip schemes, which reflects upon the real world in which you work hard for something and in the end are rewarded. Thorpe Park was a highlight! 

I am now studying Economics, Politics and History at CCF’s brilliant Sixth Form and have future aspirations of going into the legal or economical sector. No matter how far I make it in life, I will not forget my true roots at CCF.